Friday, September 11, 2015


Nice article from The Atlantic: Grace Jones’s Disciples

But as i read through it, I kept thinking about how the author was writing only about the image, the show, and not at all about the music.

I've never seen Grace Jones in concert; I've heard only three or four of her albums, and I have only two of those (Nightclubbing and Living My Life) left in my collection. Don't recall looking at much video of her, either. For me, it was really only about the music, the sounds, the words to the songs, all that. Those things alone were enough to make her special and unique.

Miles Davis used to talk about how it was all about the sounds, and few were as bold and creative with sounds as he was. The two opening cuts on Living My Life -- "My Jamaican Guy" and "Nipple to the Bottle" -- are perfect examples of this, and, to me, are up there among the best opening one-two punches I've ever heard on a music album.

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