Tuesday, February 2, 2016

fluxbox in leap

Added Fluxbox to openSUSE Leap 42.1 via the 1-Click Install (see https://software.opensuse.org/package/fluxbox) (this added the X11:windowmanagers repo).

When I logged into Fluxbox, here's the desktop that I was presented with at first:

Not bad, actually. The desktop right-click menu didn't have much in it, but it did have a "Run Command" entry, which is enough to get to work. I'd saved my notes and files from my Fluxbox installation in openSUSE 13.2, so I used those to quickly set things up in 42.1.

I'm using the command fbsetbg -r /home/steve/wallpapers to pull random images from my ~/wallpapers directory. I added feh, then turned on transparency by changing the value of the following line in ~/.fluxbox/init from "false" to "true":

session.forcePseudoTransparency:    true

To get a black cursor for Fluxbox, I went to /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager and changed X_MOUSE_CURSOR="DMZ" to X_MOUSE_CURSOR="DMZ-Black", then rebooted for that to take effect.

Here's my ~/.fluxbox/menu file (I think all of these entries work):

# Version 0.1    08.04.2003 - hvogel@hennevogel.de
# Version 0.2   07.12.2004 - hvogel@hennevogel.de

[begin] (Fluxbox Menu)
    [exec] (firefox) {firefox}
    [exec] (spacefm) {spacefm}
    [exec] (konsole) {konsole}
    [exec] (geany) {geany}
    [include] (~/.fluxbox/menu.xdg)
    [submenu] (Tools)
       [exec] (chromium) {chromium}      
       [exec] (dolphin) {dolphin}
       [exec] (mirage) {mirage}
       [exec] (geeqie) {geeqie}
       [exec] (spectacle) {spectacle}
       [exec] (gwenview) {gwenview}
       [exec] (kcalc) {kcalc}
       [exec] (konqueror) {kfmclient openProfile filemanagement}
       [exec] (YaST) {/usr/bin/xdg-su -c /sbin/yast2}
        [submenu] (Fluxbox Configuration) {}
                [config] (Config)
                [workspaces] (Workspace)
                [submenu] (System-Styles) {Choose a style...}
                        [stylesdir] (/usr/share/fluxbox/styles)
        [submenu] (User-Styles) {Choose a style...}
                        [stylesdir] (~/.fluxbox/styles)
    [exec] (Run Command) {fbrun}

    [exec] (Random Wallpaper) {fbsetbg -r /home/steve/wallpapers}
    [exec] (Lock Screen) {xlock}
    [restart] (Restart) {}
    [exit] (Logout)

Tinkered some more with the settings, came up with this:

Very nice set-up.

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