Sunday, July 17, 2016


Sometimes it's best to go with an app that is not native to whichever desktop environment you choose to use. Two apps that I always add to any Linux installation, regardless of which DE or WM I'm using: SpaceFM file manager and Geany text editor.

For example, in GNOME, Nautilus (aka "Files") is a nice file manager, but not as useful to me as SpaceFM -- for one reason, because of the latter's multi-pane views:

Likewise, the GNOME text editor, gedit, isn't nearly as feature-rich as Geany, lacking (among other things) word autocompletion:

In LXDE, Openbox, and Fluxbox, I prefer to bring in xfce4-terminal to use.

Some other apps I use which are not native to any Linux DE: Chromium and Firefox for web browsing; Mirage and Geeqie for image viewing; and, the VLC Media Player.

If the default apps don't quite cut it for you, there's nothing wrong with going "non-native." Whatever works!

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