Friday, July 2, 2010

dedoimedo review of mint isadora

I mentioned this review to the folks at the Mint forums:
Predictably, it was received at those forums with a good amount of hostility.

Dedoimedo has, in the past, delivered some glowing reviews of Mint releases. Isadora apparently didn't live up to his expectations, but actually the review wasn't all that bad.

Dedoimedo is a member of the Ubuntu forums. I think he knows his stuff. I enjoy his reviews; he gives it a lot of effort and goes into detail. I think Dedoimedo does a pretty good job compared to a lot of reviewers. But just about every review I've seen amounts to a quick glance; to really get a feel for things, I need to see a distro in action for at least a few months.

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Check out Dedoimedo's "Computer software & security" page for tutorials, guides, and Linux reviews.

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