Monday, April 18, 2011

waiting for mepis

It's been about two months since Debian Squeeze was moved to "stable," but Mepis-lovers are still waiting for the final release of the Stable-based Mepis 11.

Mepis 11 is now in its RC2 phase, after slowly going through three "betas." I figure that there might be an RC3, but folks over at the Mepis forums seem quite happy with the current release candidate, so hopefully it won't be long now.

I never did install Mepis 8.5; I decided to skip it entirely and wait for Mepis 11, so I've still got Mepis 8 running here, using KDE 3.5 and sometimes Xfce 4.4 there. A Mepis fan since the 3.4 days, I can always count on developer Warren Woodford's solid, polished releases, and I'm really looking forward to this one; it'll be my first look at Woodford's work with KDE4.

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