Wednesday, October 26, 2011

fedora fan

I first installed Fedora 14 late last year, and I've been really impressed with the distro. I added Fedora 15 back in June.

I decided to take an approach similar to what I do with Mepis -- install the latest version, but keep a previous version on another set of partitions. This way, I can check out the new version while still having the old one to fall back on.

Fedora 16 will be released soon, and I think I'll stick with the same approach; I'll install F16 over F14, but keep F15.

I went with the KDE spins with both F14 and F15, and I think I'll do the same with F16. I figure I can always add another DE or WM later, but I think that the KDE spins are the best ones for me to start out with.

Even though Fedora is considered the "testing grounds" for Red Hat, and it's considered a "cutting-edge" distro, with some inconsistency between releases, I'm finding it to be a quality distro, dependable, and quite nice to use. Looks like I'll be running Fedora here for years to come.

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