Sunday, August 26, 2012

a good idea

The now-dormant distribution Pardus Linux had a utility called Kaptan for helping users to customize a fresh Pardus installation. An article over at discusses Chakra GNU/Linux's Kapudan, a port of the Kaptan utility. The article, "Every distribution should have its own Kapudan," includes some nice screenshots that show Kapudan in action, beginning with this one:

Should every distro have something like this? I'm not sure about that. Some people might see it as too much "hand-holding." But looking over the screenshots, I do think that it's an excellent idea, especially for distros that cater to folks new to Linux -- Linux Mint comes to mind.

The "Cancel" button at the lower-left of each screen hints that it may be easy to bypass the Kapudan set-up utility. I can imagine myself either taking advantage of Kapudan or clicking "Cancel" and going directly to the default desktop.

In any case, I wouldn't be surprised to see other distros doing something like this. Why not?

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