Saturday, August 11, 2012


There are tons of resources available for information about configuring Fluxbox.

Often, a web search is the best bet. For example, to learn how to edit the ~/.fluxbox/init file, a web search using the terms fluxbox init will probably help you find what you need.

Another thing I like to do: Paste a line from a config file into the browser's search bar. For example, I wanted to find out what this line in the init file does:

session.screen0.toolbar.layer: Dock

So, I used the following in my search bar:


Doing a search with terms like fluxbox configuration will turn up more info than you'll ever need. But, one of the best resources for info about Fluxbox is right there on your Linux system.

It's called man fluxbox. Duh. I always forget about that one.

It's a long document, and it might seem like too much trouble to use it, but a lot of times it's really the best place to go.

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