Monday, April 15, 2013

change happens

Things fall apart. Change happens. GNU/Linux can and does change, and Linux users should always keep that in mind and prepare for it.

The Fuduntu developers' decision to end the project is yet another example of this. They'd decided that GNOME 2 was gonna be their desktop environment of choice, even though GTK2 support was drying up rapidly. In addition, as Lee Ward noted in the post announcing Fuduntu's EOL, "...the move of the Linux world to systemd has caused a problem for Fuduntu as it has become a required thing for many programs, but we do not use it."

This kind of thing is one of the main reasons why I don't get too tied down to any one distro or DE, and why, these days, I tend to steer clear of relatively new spin-off distros with small development teams. If I'm gonna use a distro like that, there's gonna have to be a compelling reason to do so, but in no case will I put all my eggs in one basket and go with only that distro. I had enough of that sort of thing when I was a Windows user.

As for the future beyond Fuduntu's EOL, Ward wrote:

Following that decision, however, most of the team members then discussed the idea of creating a “new” Fuduntu... The plan for the new distro is to rebase it against another well-established distro... The Fuduntu team is committed to bring the best desktop experience and the only way to do that is to EOL Fuduntu and, for those continuing, start from scratch and allow a phoenix to rise from the ashes.
Next week, there will be another meeting in #fuduntu on Freenode. This will be a public meeting to discuss the future distro that will be started after Fuduntu’s EOL...

So, stay tuned.

Fuduntu did look like a very interesting distro, but the main reason I never bothered to try it was because they were sticking with GNOME 2, which, frankly, I haven't missed at all.

Sometimes, you've got to know when to fold 'em. Life goes on.

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