Sunday, April 14, 2013


In openSUSE 12.2 (KDE), I used YaST to add the QtDesktop repo, then installed Razor-qt 0.5.2, which is the latest version.

When you first run Razor-qt, you get a choice of window managers to use. Since I already had Openbox installed, I chose that (the other choice given was KWin).

Here's what the default desktop looked like:

I changed the wallpaper and tweaked the panel a bit:

This shot shows the desktop right-click menu:

The Razor-qt Configuration Center in openSUSE 12.2 (KDE):

Here's what you'll see if you click on "Unlock Desktop..." from the desktop right-click menu:

Razor-qt is still a fairly new project, so users might find it to be a wee bit buggy. For example, configuring the date and time is easy enough, but the font size for the date doesn't seem to survive when logging out and back into a new session.

Very promising project, though, and it appears to be completely usable right now.

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