Monday, January 2, 2017

a good arch derivative

From what I'm seeing so far (after about a month and a half), Antergos seems like a very solid distro. As advertised, Antergos provides an easy way to get an Arch system up and running, ready to go out-of-the-box.

The installer provides a choice of desktops. I went with Openbox, but still the installer (called "cnchi") downloaded a ton of packages (cnchi showed 779 packages being installed). The system's loaded with useful apps. The number of installed packages appears to have no effect on the system's performance while running Openbox; everything's snappy and crisp.

The Pamac package manager is fun to play around with, but for package management I'm using pacman, from the command line, same as with my Arch installation. Antergos uses the Arch repos, plus an Antergos repo for some packages, as pamac shows in this shot.

The following yaourt command shows the packages that come from the "antergos" repo:

$ yaourt -Q | grep antergos
antergos/antergos-keyring 20150806-1 (antergos-base)
antergos/antergos-mirrorlist 20161107-2 (antergos-base)
antergos/antergos-openbox-setup 0.3.1-2
antergos/antergos-repo-priority 1.0.4-2 (antergos-base)
antergos/antergos-wallpapers 0.7-1
antergos/antergos-welcome 0.0.2-2
antergos/galculator 2.1.4-4 (mate-extra)
antergos/light-locker-settings 1.5.2-3
antergos/lightdm-webkit2-greeter 2.2.1-1 (system)
antergos/numix-frost-themes 3.6.6-1 (themes themes::gtk)
antergos/numix-icon-theme 1:0.r1890.2-1
antergos/numix-icon-theme-square 1:0.r83_8-1
antergos/obkey 1.0-4
antergos/openbox-menu 0.8.0-1
antergos/package-query 1.8.r380-2
antergos/pamac 4.1.6-2
antergos/paranoid 1.1.1-2
antergos/plank-theme-numix 0.1-1
antergos/ttf-google-fonts 20160408.r423-1
antergos/waldorf-ui-theme 0.07-1
antergos/yaourt 1.8.1-1

I'm using Antergos' Numix-Frost theme for Openbox, with a few key launchers on the tint2 panel and a customized menu that has all of my Openbox-related tools under one submenu:

But I also have the Antergos Applications menu available:

A "clean" shot from (empty) workspace #3:

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