Saturday, January 28, 2012

e17 in pclos

As I mentioned some time ago in "trying to be enlightened," while I've been a fan of of Enlightenment (both E16 and E17), I've never totally warmed up to it, and don't think of it as my favorite environment.

E17 gives you a lot more eye-candy stuff than window managers like Fluxbox, Openbox, or AwesomeWM, but the cool thing is that it still manages to be quite fast and snappy. I'm using it in PCLinuxOS, where I can choose to log into E17 or the default KDE 4. This gives me access to my favorite KDE apps while I'm in an E17 session.

It seems amazing to me that E17 packs so much stuff, yet feels so light.

PCLOS does KDE as well as or better than just about any other distro, but there's something magical about Enlightenment. It has a few strange quirks, but it's so pleasant to use that I find myself logging into E17 sessions at least a third of the time I boot into PCLOS.

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