Thursday, January 20, 2011

more on screen edges

A follow-up to my "screen edges" entry from 1-14-11:

The "screen edges" feature is one of those things in KDE4 that I use quite often.  I understand that it's also a feature in Compiz, but I don't know anything about Compiz.  I've also read about a window manager called pekwm that supposed to have customizable screen edges actions.  I understand GNOME 3 also has "screen edges."

I found an article that mentions Brightside.  That might be something good for me to try in GNOME, in Squeeze and/or Ubuntu.  I've read that Brightside also works in Xfce and possibly in Openbox.  Brightside actually looks better than what KDE4 has because in KDE4 you have to choose from a list of actions for your screen edges.  Looks like Brightside allows you to make custom actions.

There's another screen edge action in KDE4 that I haven't seen elsewhere but that comes in very handy here, where you "grab" a maximized window at the top edge, which changes it to a smaller, re-sizable window that you can drag around the screen or over to an adjacent desktop.  You can maximize a window by dragging it back up to the top edge.

Edit:  I tried Brightside in Debian Squeeze, in GNOME, installed via Synaptic.  It works fine; my only complaint is that there's no Linux manual page for it.  To set it up, run brightside-properties from the command line; that opens up a settings GUI.

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