Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm testing out the Rekonq web browser in KDE 4.6.3, in Fedora 15. The version is Rekonq 0.6.1.

Looks like a nice little browser. The tabs are placed below the bookmark bar instead of up at the top like in Chromium. Rekonq has a nice feature where, when the cursor hovers over a tab, a thumnail pops up showing the web page that's open in that tab.

Rekonq is supposed to be getting support for Chrome extensions, but it looks like that hasn't happened yet, so that's a minus. It does come with an ad-blocker, but the ad-blocker doesn't block the texts ads here in Gmail. Seems to work fine otherwise, though.

One extension that I really miss having is Xmarks, but I was able to import my bookmarks from Firefox into Rekonq, and that worked out well.

Rekonq seems to be a bit halting at first when opening up web pages, but then fairly speedy when it finally opens them up. Scrolling up and down in web pages with the mouse's scroll wheel seems a lot smoother than in Chromium.

You can set the new tab page to open up to "Bookmarks," which I find useful.

Then, when you open a new tab, you'll see something like this:

Overall, Rekonq is a nice web browser, but it still needs some work.

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