Monday, August 6, 2012

rolling, still

PCLinuxOS had been stuck on KDE 4.6.5 for quite a long time, but I finally found something in the forums saying that KDEupgrade, the script that would upgrade the system to 4.8.3, was ready to go. I never really saw an actual announcement in what I took to be the appropriate sections of the forums, but logging into the forums gave me access to some areas that I couldn't get to otherwise, and digging around, I was able to find good info on doing the upgrade.

I had already decided that if this upgrade wasn't successful, I was going to replace PCLOS on my desktop pc with Sabayon. I've had this PCLOS installation going for two years now, since August, 2010. My preference was to keep it going, but if I was gonna have to do a fresh installation, I was just gonna bail. PCLOS is a "rolling release" distro, though, and I really want to see how long I can keep it "rolling."

There were actually two approaches mentioned for getting KDE 4.8.3 (besides doing a fresh installation). The first one involved going to Synaptic, then Settings > Repositories > click on the active repo (the heanet repo, in my case) > under Section(s), change “kde4” to “kde” > Reload > Mark All Upgrades. This gave me the following error message:

E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.

Reading info at the forums, I determined that this might have been due to the heanet repo not being completely synced with the ibiblio repo, with packages being rebuilt all the time, or something like that.

So, I installed the KDEupgrade package and ran that script (Main menu > More Applications > Configuration > KDEupgrade), but I kept getting a message that I needed to upgrade my system, and that further details could be found at /tmp/KDE_STEP00.log. The contents of that file:

Reading Package Lists...

Building Dependency Tree...

The following packages will be upgraded

mozilla-thunderbird (12.0.1-1pclos2012 => 14.0-1pclos2012)

1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 removed and 0 not upgraded.

Inst mozilla-thunderbird [12.0.1-1pclos2012] (14.0-1pclos2012 Unknown:Unknown/Unknown)

Conf mozilla-thunderbird (14.0-1pclos2012 Unknown:Unknown/Unknown)

But Synaptic still showed mozilla-thunderbird at version 12.0.1-1pclos2012, so I was kinda stumped.

Back in Synaptic, I switched to the ibiblio repo, and in the Section(s) area I changed "kde4" to "kde," and tried the first method again. Once again, I got this message:

E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.

But I also noticed an upgrade for mozilla-thunderbird to 14.0-1pclos2012, so I decided to try to deal with that by itself. At this point, I changed everything back to the heanet repo and kde4, reloaded, then ran KDEupgrade again. That ran fine, then I got the following message:

KDEupgrade initial tests completed successfully. To continue ALL users including yourself MUST log out NOW!

Remember to write down the next steps:
1) At the KDE login window select Menu > Console Login and login as root
2) At the red root prompt enter the command KDEupgrade

- the upgrade to KDE 4.8.x will only be initialized if you run the command as outlined in step 1 and 2 above, if you do not do this then your system remains unchanged
- output of the intermediate upgrade steps are copied to /tmp/ku_stepX.txt
- if KDEupgrade fails you could get back into a GUI with: apt-get install task-lxde

So, I followed those instructions, and everything went fine. At the end of all that, the system rebooted by itself. I booted into PCLOS and came to a fresh default desktop. I ran the following command:

# rpm -qa | grep 4.6.5

It showed no results, so I assumed that all of the 4.6.5 stuff had been removed correctly.

In Synaptic I noticed that the heanet repo had been left at "kde," which is what I had hoped to see.

There was supposed to be an icon on the desktop to restore the old KDE settings, but it wasn't there, so I manually set everything back up to suit my tastes, which wasn't too painful. Everything looked good in the end, and my PCLOS upgrade to KDE 4.8.3 was complete.

PCLOS is still behind some other distros that are at KDE 4.8.4, and 4.9.0 is also out. But that's okay; I'm just happy that everything went well. Not the simplest upgrade ever, but the PCLOS folks did a good job.

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