Sunday, September 23, 2012

here we go again

Another six months, another controversial move by Canonical. This time, it's about including Amazon search results in Unity's Dash. Yawn.

Mark Shuttleworth discusses it at his blog: "Amazon search results in the Dash"

He continues the discussion in the comments that follow that blog entry, as well as in the comments section following this OMG! Ubuntu! article on the subject.

Okay, folks, Ubuntu is still Linux, last I checked. If this turns out to be something I really don't care for, I have any number of options, to include:

- Narrowing the scope of my Dash searches to exclude any online results.

- Removing the shopping lens (sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping).

- Using something else in Ubuntu besides Unity (How about GNOME Shell? How about Openbox?).

- Using another distro instead of Ubuntu.

- Sitting in front of my computer and whining and wringing my hands.

Or, I guess I could ask Canonical for a full refund of the $0.00 that I forked out to use Ubuntu. I worked hard to earn that money.

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