Sunday, September 30, 2012

not so easy

Yesterday, I said, "In my opinion, Debian isn't very difficult to install, but I guess that could depend on the user, and the hardware." Sure enough, I had a lot more trouble today installing Wheezy on my old Dell desktop pc than I had installing it on my notebooks.

I once again went with Xfce, but somehow or another I started seeing problems that looked like window manager issues. The workspace switcher went goofy on me, showing only one row (when I wanted two) and one workspace (when I wanted four). The window control buttons didn't work right, and I couldn't resize windows. Some other issues that I didn't note.

Finally, I just gave up and did a reinstall. This time, I went with GNOME instead of Xfce, using the net install .iso from a Unetbootin flash drive. Things worked out a lot better; so far, so good.

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