Tuesday, August 13, 2013

kwheezy 1.1

Here's a link to the Kwheezy 1.1 release announcement, posted today at the Kweezy Blog.

From the announcement:

Changes in version 1.1:

- Minor improvements to the installer. Including the hardware clock to local-time fix.
- Keyboard selection before and after installation. New app called "Kwheezy Keyboard Selector".
- Locale (language) support. New app called "Kwheezy Localizer".
- Firefox/Thunderbird language extensions.
- Firefox now supports magnet links out-the-box and Flashgot addon enabled with Kget as download manager.
- KDE Touchpad Configuration now installed by default.
- No login sound in Live session (speeds it up a bit).
- A few other minor stuff.

As usual, you can upgrade to Kwheezy 1.1 from the Kwheezy repository via Apper or apt-get.

Also, for those who follow this sort of thing, Kwheezy is currently sitting at #47 on DistroWatch's Page Hit Ranking (30-day span): http://distrowatch.com/index.php?dataspan=4

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